12 Backyard Birdies

So I’ve been using this app to count the birds in my backyard, called BirdLog, because I figure while I’m watching the critters, I may as well also be counting them and doing my part for Citizen Science and all. It’s a really cool app. Nobody paid me to say that, btw. I just really like it.

I have this thing though where, when I am counting things, I can’t help but turn it into a version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” in my head. It is an affliction. I did it with the items found in Ed Gein’s house, too. (You know, “One the twelfth day of Christmas, Ed Gein gave to me 12 bones and fragments, 11 human skull bowls, 10 female heads,” and on and on.)

And so, I present to you, The Twelve Birds of My Yard

*A hem*

The Twelve Birds of My Yard

On the first day of this week

These birdies came to me

12 tough-guy starlings

11 common grackles

10 red-winged blackbirds

9 fighting cowbirds

8 dark-eyed juncos

7 little sparrows

6 tufted titmice

5 … bluuueeee… jays

4 mourning doves

3 chickadees

2 red-bellies

and a fat carolina wren

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

(As a aside, I tried to sing this to Jp, who protested loudly saying “No Christmas songs, please!” Well, excuse me, mister. This is not a Christmas song. This is a song about birds. Hrmph.)