12471690_10153804356849763_7043177257524867931_oWho am I? I am a female human. A bird aficionado. A believer in justice and democracy. An environmentalist and salamander crossing guard. A librarian. A 34-and-a-half year old. A mother of three kids who amaze me daily with their intelligence, humor and compassion. A girlfriend (of six years, of the most handsome man on the planet.) A hiker. A camper. A cycler. A gamer. A lover of artless art and poetry, of words printed on everything from the page to license plates.

I love books and hate movies, unless they are exceptional movies. David Lynch is my favorite filmmaker, Cormac McCarthy my favorite author. I like it dark and weird and inappropriately funny.

I am blessed with profoundly brilliant and talented friends, and often marvel at the fact that they choose to hang out with me. I’m lucky in a lot of ways.

I’m also a long-term haver of chronic anxiety & depression. Both are mostly under control, but I would be lying if I said they didn’t color my life and inform my choices. I say this because it’s important to admit these things. Fear and sadness are part of the human condition, and nothing to be ashamed of. With great appreciation comes great risk.

My favorite place to be is on a mountain, up so high the ground below looks like nothing but trees and there’s no sound but the wind.

Finally, I write. Words are a compulsion. I don’t claim to be the best, but it’s something I need to do. I currently have two almost finished first drafts of novels and a pile of poems. My goal is to put my stuff out there more, and spend more time on the long-form than on pointless Facebook garbage. This blog, I’ve decided, is now the dumping ground for musings on mental health, wellness, philosophy, and general self-improvement. If you’d like to read my more nature-oriented stuff (and find info about my freelance writing services,) check out veewren.com

That’s all I’ll say for now but I am so much more, and so are you.




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