Pennsylvania’s Hiking Week Coming up!

If you’re like me and will be looking for something to do when you don’t get taken up in the rapture, you might want to consider Pennsylvania’s hiking week, which starts on May 28th and goes through June 5th. The state has organized over 100 hikes in order to provide an introduction to and get people excited about the activity. There are a variety of hikes organized: easy strolls and more arduous treks up the mountains, wildflower walks and walks for people with disabilities.

More information about hiking week is available can be found at

Appalachian Trail, Photo by Michael McDonough (Flickr)

Oh and while you’re in Pennsylvania, why don’t you check out the Appalachian Trail Museum in Gardners, PA. Located at the midpoint of the trail, it tells its story through photos. If you come in June, you may catch some of the thru-hikers (people who hike the entire Appalachian Trail in one shot). It is a tradition for them to stop in Gardners and eat a half-gallon of ice cream.

Appalachian Museum Celebrates Hiking (Toronto Sun)

Pennsylvania’s Hiking Week to Showcase State’s Trails, Walkways


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