Civilization World

So Sid Meier’s newest creation, Civilization World is set to be released soon…for Facebook. People (myself included) have some mixed feelings about this. Can a game released on Facebook possibly be as good as a “regular” game? I played Civ3 on the PC religiously (probably a little too much, and I never managed to win the darn thing!) but can this newest addition to the Civ family of games stack up? Or will it be like a Farmville with centurions?

Well, a trailer has now been released, and as Brenna Hillier says in this blog post on the trailer: “Emotions I feel having seen the trailer through the cut: relief; burgeoning hope and anticipation.”

Follow the link, watch the trailer. How do you feel about the upcoming Facebook Civ Worlds game?

And of course, if you need to elaborate further, you are more than welcome to do so in the comments!


Author: sayaveronica

coffee addict and radical librarian!

3 thoughts on “Civilization World”

    1. I’m not sure when it’s going to be released (and I don’t know if they know, either.) I think they’re currently doing closed beta testing. Have you played any other Civ games?

  1. Good afternoon,

    I have probably played all the PC Civ’s and I share the same hope and concerns.

    Little FB games helped me get through the intense class/work schedules of the past spring semester. I hope this one works out.

    Jason Cookingham of the Cookie Affair:

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